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About us

Authentic Taste In Every Dish

Over a hundred years ago, Albuquerque and the surrounding area looked much different than it does today. The hills near and far along the Sandia Mountain Range were populated with Ponderosa pines as far as the eye could see, with railway lines being built throughout the mountainside to transport the heavy loads of timber to what now is known as the Sawmill District.

After decades of logging, land wars, and urban growth, the Sawmill area of Albuquerque was put out of business in the late 1980s and remained largely empty. In 1996 the Sawmill Community Land Trust was formed and set its intentions to clean up the ecological damage from the sawmills that had occurred over the past century. After many years of environmental restoration and rebuilding, the SCLT succeeded in revitalizing the area, bringing new life back to this once vibrant area bordering Old Town.

The Brewmaster

We’re fortunate to have one of the most accomplished brewers in the country manning our breweries. Alan Taylor was named one of the nation’s best “unsung brewers” by All About Beer magazine in 2015, and we couldn’t agree more. Alan caught the brewing bug while in college, and it followed him to Germany, where he was studying linguistics. Fortunately for us, he switched tracks and instead went to brewing school in Berlin. When he returned, he worked for a number of larger breweries, including Full Sail and Widmer Brothers, before joining our team. Taylor’s breadth of experience is reflected in the quality you find in the beers he brews, whether he’s making a sticky American IPA or a delicate pale lager


With the help of the SCLT, Ponderosa Brewing Company was able to build our brewery right in the heart of the Sawmill District at an important time in its revitalization.

Ponderosa Brewing Company was born September 2nd, 2014 with a lot of help from local businesses, local breweries, friends, and family.

We welcome you to relax and feel at home here at Ponderosa. Whether sitting on our large patio, enjoying conversation at the bar, watching the game, or having an intimate dinner in one of our cozy booths, Ponderosa has something for everyone.

At Ponderosa Brewing, we’ll always have a cold beer and warm welcome waiting for you…